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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Health911!  

We are Leading the Natural Health and Wellness Revolution!

As part of our commitment to you we want to tell you something about us – our founding, our passion, and what we plan to do here at Health911. We want to become your Trusted Partner in Health!

My name is Ted Pollard, founder, CEO, and visionary for Health911 and a 1968 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. Early in my business career I noticed that about 11 AM each day I would get very edgy and shaky; the solution was a candy bar. My personality would change, too – this was pretty scary and I wondered what was wrong with me. Finally, I read a little article in the newspaper describing my problem – I had hypoglycemia! But I had no idea what to do about it. I really wanted to find out about hypoglycemia, but could find no information and my doctor knew nothing more than I did. My quest for health information had begun!

Over the years I began to collect interesting articles about various health conditions, ever expanding my knowledge and interest in better health. In 1997 a very close friend of mine was diagnosed with a deadly brain cancer. I loaned him my extensive file on cancer to see if any of the information I had gathered over the years could help him with his battle with cancer. After he died his wife told me that their friends, all 70+ in age, had seen my cancer information and told her “Why don’t our doctors tell us any of this? Please help us!” My call to action had begun!

Shortly thereafter I designed the first edition of Health911. My idea was to put on the Internet all of the information I had gathered over the years so that others could easily access it. From that humble beginning Health911 grew into a popular folk remedy site; I then began to add more content including Wellness Programs and health protocols that people could follow. In the ensuing years I have collected 10s of thousands of pages of information, over 500 natural health books, and many newsletters from leading natural health practitioners.

A quick flash back about 30 years: early on in my quest for better health I overcame the ravages of my hypoglycemia through dietary changes and nutritional supplements. Adele Davis was the leading nutritionist of the day and showed me the importance of nutrition and good health. I learned that natural health worked!

Beginning with the cancer death of several close relatives, I began to realize that conventional medicine didn’t always have the answers to good health which I knew existed. All that traditional medicine practitioners seemed to want to do was surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, and I was stunned at the total lack of understanding of the root causes of cancer by the oncologists. I knew from my years of research that detoxification, supplementation, and various alternative therapies could be very helpful, but the allopathic doctors did not want to go down that road.

Over the years many friends had approached me for help with their health conditions – weight loss, BPH, and especially thyroid were frequent requests. I was amazed at the improvement in some of these conditions when my friends and others were able to follow the information I provided them.

From this vantage point I was determined to provide detailed health information to our readers so they could learn more about their health conditions and develop a plan to achieve better health the natural way. There is a vast quantity of information in books and on the Internet, but it can be overwhelming to have to sift through it and develop your own Wellness Program. We are here to help you find A Better Way to Health, the Natural Way. Let us be your guide and Partner in Health!

From my years of research I have learned about specific products that help restore health and decided we should offer them to our readers so they wouldn’t have to sift through myriad remedies to try to find the best one. Buying supplements and natural products can be quite confusing so it is our goal to de-mystify the process and we are proud to offer some of the finest products available.

Health911 Team
In order to accomplish our expansion I am pleased to introduce the rest of our team:

Health911 was founded by a visionary natural health pioneer Ted Pollard in 1998 and today the team now includes a talented, passionate and experienced group of medical, health, financial and technology professionals, as well as a tremendous network of freelance authors and researchers that all believe in empowering the individual to become more informed about their own personal health.

Nicholas Pollard joined us nearly two years ago as COO and Chief Strategy Officer, where he manages the technical aspects of the new site and implementation of our business model. Nick has an MBA from Boston University, a BA from Hobart College and over 15 years of experience in finance and research.

Trevor Feight is our Chief Website Architect and Creative Director, bringing to Health911 over 15 years of hands-on experience in healthcare marketing and interactive web design. He is looking forward to adding many more creative elements to the site over the coming months.

Dale Centofante is our Director of Sales/Marketing and New Product Development, where he brings 20 years of Medical and Pharmaceutical experience to our team.  Dale is working to expand our current Health Conditions, Categories, Products and Articles. He is also responsible for developing a very comprehensive Skin Care section with our own line of proprietary Health911 dermatology products. In addition, he will be in charge of researching and implementing an all new Health 911 private label product line per health conditions.  

Dr. Stephen Schleicher, a board certified dermatologist and author, has joined Health911 as the Chief Medical Director of our Skin Care section. He is a pioneer in the field of teledermatology, an Assistant Professor of Dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, and an experienced consultant to the health and beauty industries.

In addition, we have been working with a national network of authors, researchers and editors to create new and innovative content that makes up the Health911 site today.  If you are interested in joining our team or submitting an idea for the site, please contact us today.

In the future we will be adding more strategic partners as we continue to expand the depth and breadth of the site.

We hope you will join us at Health911 in Leading the Natural Health & Wellness Revolution!

Ted Pollard
President & CEO

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