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When to Seek a Second Opinion

One of the basics truths of healthcare is that there is rarely one way to treat or cure a condition. A second opinion is a good idea whether the issue is major or minor because most procedures are not reversible. You have to live with whatever is done to you, and there are many factors that you should consider.

• You may not like your doctor’s “bedside manners” – the way he treats you, the time he gives you, or his explanation of your condition and what to do about it. You absolutely need to have confidence in your doctor and his approach to your health. Getting a second opinion may just re-affirm his position which will be comforting to you. If the second doctor’s opinion differs from the first, you will have to decide whose approach to follow, or even seek a third opinion.

• Your insurance company may require one

• Uncertainty about whether or not the procedure is needed

• Cancer often requires a second opinion because of the complex nature of many treatments

• Each doctor is different, and a condition one considers impossible another may be able to cure

• Different hospitals specialize in different things and one may have a more up-to-date approach or equipment than another

• In the time it takes to see another doctor, a viable alternative or cure may have been found

• If your current doctor follows traditional Western medicine (allopathic) you may wish to seek one who practices one or more alternative modalities that can be used by themselves or with a traditional one

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